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Silicone Jam Spreader Spatula

Silicone Jam Spreader Spatula

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Jar Spatula Jam Spreader Scoop Food or Jam from Jars or Jars with This Simple and Practical Silicone Spatula. Great for Cooking, Baking, Stirring and Mixing.

Eliminates Wasted Food: 

The silicone and curved head of jar scraper spatula can make a jar or can clean without getting your hand in the food, also allows you to reach into a corner to scrape out peanut butter, jelly, nut butter, mayonnaise, condiments and other food hassle free, even to the last drop without wasting your food.

Easy to Clean & Tidy Neat: 

This peanut butter spatula with a little holder in the end, that avoid touching the desktop while you put it on the countertop after baking or spreading jam. After finished, just let it rush under the water and wash with a little soap.

Quality Material: 

This versatile jar spatula is made of silicone head with plastec handle, which is non-toxic & non-slip make it safe to use.


Not only can spread jam, but also can open cans and jars. The end of the spatula is a can opener, which can easily open the differen cans.

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