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Portable Wrist Compass

Portable Wrist Compass

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A Portable Wrist Compass is a wearable navigation tool designed to provide accurate directional guidance while keeping your hands free during outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, and orienteering. This compact and lightweight compass is worn on the wrist for easy access and convenience.


  1. Hands-Free Navigation: Worn on the wrist like a watch, this compass allows you to keep your hands free for other tasks while maintaining access to directional information.

  2. Accurate Bearings: Equipped with a reliable and precise compass needle, it provides accurate bearings and helps you find your way in unfamiliar terrain.

  3. Liquid-Filled Compass: Many models are liquid-filled to dampen the needle's movement, ensuring stable and accurate readings even when on the move.

  4. Adjustable Strap: The wristband is often adjustable to fit comfortably on your wrist, ensuring a secure and snug fit during outdoor activities.

  5. Luminous Dial: Some compasses feature a luminous or glow-in-the-dark dial for nighttime navigation, eliminating the need for additional light sources.

  6. Durable Construction: Designed to withstand rugged outdoor conditions, these compasses are typically built from robust and impact-resistant materials.

  7. Easy to Read: The compass usually has clear and easy-to-read markings, making it suitable for users of all experience levels.

  8. Versatile Use: Ideal for various outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, geocaching, and wilderness exploration.

  9. Emergency Preparedness: A wrist compass is an important tool to have in your emergency kit, providing essential navigation capabilities during crises or natural disasters.

  10. Multifunctional: Some models combine a wrist compass with other features, such as a thermometer, altimeter, or barometer, providing additional data for outdoor enthusiasts.

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