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Nozzle Mini Farm Irrigation Accessory Tool

Nozzle Mini Farm Irrigation Accessory Tool

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Low water pressure sprinkler irrigation!

The automatic atomization nozzle can be adjusted, and the spraying area and height can be adjusted freely!

Mainly used for agriculture, lawn, villa, industrial irrigation! Easy installation and good water saving performance!

Main Features

Misting System for A Wide Area
The adjustable copper water spray nozzles are fine mist-shaped, the nozzle is removable, easy to clean, and can be connected to the 4/7 tube or transfer the 9/12 tube. Able to maintain constant when long laying or pressure fluctuations, irrigation uniformity.

Wide Application
Applicable in the courtyard, garden, kitchen garden, and other small areas of agricultural spray irrigation, lawn, garden, patio, greenhouse, swimming pool misting fog cooling/irrigation, watering, greenhouse, humidification, balcony cooling, irrigation (watering flowers, grass, vegetables).

Simple Operation
Removable nozzle for easy use. Good sealing and repeatability, easy installation and maintenance, safe and reliable work, etc. Help you save water when watering plants and flowers.

Irrigation and Cooling
Perfect for greenhouse nursery, flower crops on the strict requirements of water mist, or for gardening watering, balcony watering, greenhouse humidification cooling purposes.




Inner Dia.


Outer Dia.


Working Pressure




Spray Diameter

2-5m (free adjustment)

Product Weight


Package Contents

1/2× Adjustable Copper Spray Nozzle

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