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Galaxy Ball - Super Bouncy Space Ball Toy

Galaxy Ball - Super Bouncy Space Ball Toy

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Crazy High Bounces

This ball can bounce higher than any other! Prepare to see it soar like never before, reaching incredible heights that will leave you amazed! Say goodbye to small rubber balls and old super balls.

Lunar Grade Material

Engineered to be the bounciest ball ever, the Space Ball is made from lightweight Moon foam, which is the bounciest material on Earth! 

Play Anywhere

Take this fun with you wherever you go! Whether it's at the park, beach, or even inside, the Galaxy Bounce Ball is perfect for endless fun.


Super Tough

 Built to last, the Amazing Space Bounce Ball can handle all your wild play. It won't break easily, ensuring you have loads of bouncing adventures.

Easy To Grip & Catch

The Space Ball's unique design makes it easy to grip and catch, improving hand-eye coordination. It is widely used by athletes as a sports training ball and also serves as a great sensory ball for kids.


100% Non-Toxic

This high-quality and extremely durable ball is made from non-toxic materials. The Space Ball can withstand bouncing, sports use, and indoor & outdoor games, ensuring safe and worry-free play.

Perfect Anytime Gift

Give them the Moon, literally, with this bouncy ball! Loved by toddlers, kids, and adults alike, the Space Ball's 70mm size makes it an ideal stocking filler.



  • Weight: 50g
  • Size: 2.6*2.6"/6.6*6.6 cm
  • Package includes: 1/3/9 * Super Bouncy Space Ball Toy
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